Koch-Backed Groups Push for Immigration Deal for ‘Dreamers’

WASHINGTON—Groups funded by the billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch are launching an advertising campaign starting Sunday to push Congress to reach a deal providing legal status for a swath of young, undocumented immigrants whose fate has been in flux for years.

The campaign, which consists of television and digital ads, is aimed at spurring a solution for the young immigrants, referred to by supporters as Dreamers. The funding for the ads, estimated by the groups to be in the seven figures, comes from the Libre Initiative and Freedom Partners. They are part of the Koch network, a major supporter of conservative causes and candidates.

The Koch network has recently signaled it may be open to working with Democrats on areas on which they have common ground such as immigration.

Earlier this year, President Donald Trump and Democrats tangled over what combination of protections for young immigrants, money for a border wall and other immigration measures would represent a compromise. The Senate fell short of enough votes to pass a measure devised by a bipartisan group of senators, and also failed to pass a bill that lined up with Mr. Trump’s stance.

One television ad features clips of the three previous presidents— Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton —each making a case for new immigration laws. It closes with images of young Latinos working and going to school as a narrator says: “There’s a bipartisan path forward on immigration that offers a permanent solution for our Dreamers and a stronger border. What are we waiting for?”

The ads are aimed at prompting congressional leaders to think twice before running out the clock on the remainder of the legislative year without trying to tackle immigration again. With the midterm elections in November, many lawmakers are turning their attention to their own re-election campaigns. Republicans are focused on holding their majorities in the House and the Senate.

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