San Antonio TX Weather News For The Week Heading Into Christmas

Part of the news in San Antonio TX is the weather of course. Instead of looking at the normal dismal headlines that sometimes captivate the news, let’s take a close look at the weather. Some could say the weather is actually a little dismal right now, but for starters, it made for a nice foggy walk with my dog while ago.

Yes, it’s a little rainy, and yes, it does take days for the ground to dry. Since Texas isn’t known for excellent ground cover, there is quite a lot of mud right now. However, the mud will dry up, and it is wintertime after all. The foggy weather was nice, and the rainy weather is nice. It has been a relaxing day.

I’m not in San Antonio, but I’m at my mom’s house for the holidays in a small city that is close to SA. The news was on earlier, and the weatherman was laughing. It’s exactly a week before Christmas, and everyone wants to know if it is going to snow on Christmas Day.

It actually snowed about two weeks ago, and it was the best snow the area had seen in decades. So people are hoping, but it’s funny because it is always a very slim chance that it will snow on Christmas Day in south Texas. It did say that it’s going to be cold that day, cold enough to snow. So, everyone is keeping their fingers crossed so to speak.

It would be nice if it snowed in San Antonio on Christmas Day. However, people aren’t used to it and don’t know how to drive in it well. Lots of people will be traveling around that time, and so it’s probably not a good idea for it to snow. Still, it sounds like a plan as far as having a White Christmas for sure.

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